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Before you begin to implement sustainability, it is important to know how to define it. Here at Natural Capitalism Solutions our work is guided by the following definition:

Sustainability is the careful and efficient stewardship of resources by businesses, communities, and citizens. It is the practice of meeting our needs in ways that are respectful of future generations and restorative of natural, cultural, and financial assets. Sustainable management is a whole systems approach to achieving superior performance in delivering desired outcomes to all stakeholders by business, government, and civil society. It is achieved by implementing the three principles of Natural Capitalism.
— Hunter Lovins, President, Natural Capitalism Solutions

The video above is a quick clip designed to condense what sustainability and sustainable development are. This will go over why we need sustainability across all sectors and provides a great general overview of sustainability as a whole.

Want a more in depth overview? 

Below are two resources designed to give people a background in sustainability. The first defines crucial frameworks that sustainability leaders use when designing tools and implementation strategies. The second describes a list of tools that set those frameworks into action.