Cities must take action against climate change

Many cities around the world design Climate Action Plans (CAPs) to help prepare for the impending effects of climate change. These plans usually aim to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, especially through reduction of CO2. 

Often, governments feel confused about where to start their own research and CAP design. CAPs set complex goals unique to the community they support, and measurements of emissions are difficult to compile. Consultants may guide research and development for cities, but sustainability is too important to leave to profiting parties who protect proprietary information. The tools to reduce our carbon footprints need to be easily accessible and free.

To bridge this gap, NCS has created a Climate Action Roadmap: a map and analysis of CAPs around the United States. In addition to our interactive map, we compiled important reports, guides and templates, calculators, and educational resources to guide governments in reducing their carbon footprints. This website serves as an important toolkit for municipalities who are beginning their CAP journey.